Crime and/or Punishment

Joining the Dots between Crime, Legality and HCI.

Submission Deadline: 16th February 2020

Crime is rarely cited as an explicit focus for research in CHI papers, although it is often discussed implicitly. A search of the entire CHI conference series using the search term ‘crime’ produced 83 results, with only 47 full archival papers, and of these, only nine dealt with crime outside of cybersecurity and privacy protection. This is surprising, as recent years have seen a rise in the number of papers addressing issues of domestic violence, sex work, incarceration and hate crimes. Yet such papers rarely frame the work explicitly in criminological theory and this omission is, in itself, interesting.

In this one day workshop, we seek to make the topic of crime more visible and to attract a disciplinary diverse set of participants to understand how an HCI community can improve our understanding of crime but also to explore the grey areas of crime: considering the HCI position on the legality of action and the more contested areas of criminal justice.

Contact Us

For any questions about the workshop or submissions, you can email any of the workshop organisers or Rosanna Bellini directly at r.f.bellini@newcastle.ac.uk

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